Stroudsburg Farmer’s Market Visit

Stroudsburg Farmers Market

So I went to a farmers market

And met a local farmer

She is the future of food

She understands that food is dimensional

It responds to Love, the right soil, a community of other awesome weeds and vegetables

As well as the caretaker’s emotional state

My point is

If you want to lose weight and become healthier, become a food caretaker

Build a relationship with your food

Bond with it

Watch it from inception and you will not want to eat more than you need

Ask for permission before plucking it for your energy needs

If you believe that everything is energy, then your attitude of gratitude for the food,

Plus your love, emotional state and the appropriate physical conditions

Creates a juicier tomato

Quality energy can make all the difference in your world

The Most Underutilized Resource In Health Right Now

underutilized resource in health

The trend in health and wellness is focused on giving you bite sized pieces of information to execute on your health and fitness goals, but you’re still overweight or challenged with how to incorporate healthy eating into your life. There is an influx of content on all fronts, and in the realm of food and exercising the stream of information is only getting longer and more confusing.


Why is that? Because there are literally millions of ways to be healthy and fit. Virtually any combination of healthy dinner, lunch and breakfast options, and exercise methodologies. Fitness gurus on Instagram showing us daily videos of endless variations of exercises that all look amazingly inspiring/easy (thank you) and food bloggers that make food look so incredible I want to spend all my time eating.


But here is the thing that is throwing us off. It’s simply not enough to watch a social media feed to get the result we see displayed by our favorite health and wellness professionals. Also, it’s not enough to buy their 6-week course, or 30-day challenge. I’m not suggesting that you don’t buy their products. I do. Frequently. But this brings me to the most underutilized resource in health right now.


People. People. People.

To get the results in your health and fitness status that you actually want, you need to hire a dietitian, nutritionist, and/or personal trainer.


You can’t do this entirely on your own. Unless you are part of a small subset of the population that loves to figure things out on their own, who will buy a 6-week fitness and lifestyle guide and it will be enough for them to execute what they read word for word. Most of us are not like that. We need help.


Why? Because we don’t know the science of nutrition and fitness since it’s not our job. Just like when you were in school and you weren’t sure what the heck you were reading in your science book, health and fitness is like that. It’s a hard science. One that has complex and multidimensional aspects to it that are not readily obvious and can’t be customized to your exact circumstances in a generic text. I would say that the health and fitness guides, programs, and challenges that are currently out there are more geared towards those with an intermediate understanding of themselves, and their health/fitness/nutrition status. They are not for beginners.


I repeat, they are not for beginners. If you’re in a place where you’ve reached your wits end about how you feel in your body, and it’s not enough for you to just read about something to execute it and keep yourself accountable, you must invest in your health by hiring a nutritionist and/or a personal trainer first to learn the basics.


The benefits of working with someone one on one is that you get to ask questions and get answers that are specific to your situation. Your age, body composition, work, life, emotions, motivations – in short, everything about you, determines what will work for you. The best way to get the results you want now is to work with someone that knows what they are doing.


Here is the thing. I couldn’t get to the level of health I wanted without help either. Then, I went to school for nutrition, and that still didn’t help me get healthier. Then, I joined a wellness community and got a trainer once per week. BOOM. Like magic, (except not really like that at all because it was hard work), I started to see real results. I had to wake up early to make my 6am workout time on Fridays!!!! It was so challenging but enormously gratifying. Then, after nearly 3 years of training with a professional I moved to a different state and while looking for another fitness community stopped working out with a trainer and my level of fitness went down a bit. However, all of the workouts, the advice, the proper techniques stuck with me and now I’m able to use all of those useful guides I bought online to stay on top of my fitness. Now, it’s enough to see the different exercises and recipes on Instagram and just do them on my own. But I had to learn the basics first.


My number one recommendation right now is to invest up front in a professional in either nutrition or fitness and start seeing them immediately. Not only will you have to shift your priorities towards health to make those meetings, you will be able to ask questions, and work at a pace that is appropriate for you. Cliché but I’m going to say it anyway. BECAUSE YOU’RE WORTH IT. You absolutely can get creative with your finances and time management and make this work. In this time of frenzied social media content you need someone’s time and attention to make sense of the different health and fitness information out there.

Color. The next superfood

The power of color in your bowl: the next superfood

Copy of declutter and simplify

Have you heard of acai, spirulina, goji berries, manuka honey? All these are super fancy super foods on the market today and they can be pricey. Have you been curious about these super foods? Well, I’m here to tell you that these superfoods are not the only way to add a dose of much needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients into your diet.

The plant kingdom is quite colorful, and each of the colors in your food are related to a specific phytonutrient. The orange color of bell peppers for example, can be attributed to carotenoids, a family of antioxidants that supports your immune system health. 

Eating a variety of healthy whole grains, lean proteins and the rainbow of colors found below will add much needed plant powered vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into your lifestyle without the inflated price tag.  

7 Color Superfoods: Shopping By Color

1| Red. Try adding beets, tomatoes and red bell peppers to your salads.

2| Orange. Mix up your snacks by adding oranges, they travel well in your purse. Also, try shredded carrots in your salads or a side of sweet baked potato instead of white.

3| Yellow. Try fresh squeezed lemon in your water, or bananas and mangoes.

4| Green. Select fresh salads made with chlorophyll packed leafy greens such as spinach, arugula, baby kale, and lettuce.

5| Blue. Blueberries, technically not exactly blue but super nutritious nonetheless. Blueberries are lower in sugar than regular fruit, full of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin as well as B vitamins.

6| Purple. Blackberries and concord grapes are a great source of anti-inflammatory compounds called flavonoids. Mix berries into your smoothies or take them to work  as a snack between meals.

7| White. Add steamed or sauteed cauliflower to your dinner. Cauliflower is easy to clean and prepare. Just cut into small pieces and steam or saute with spices of your choice for 5-10 minutes. It is done when it is cooked to the consistency of your preference. Also, cauliflower can be cut into bite sized pieces and added raw to salads.

Declutter and Simplify

Declutter & Simplify: Do This 1 Thing To Save Your Sanity

declutter and simplify

My email inbox has gotten out of control – it says I have 19,589 unread emails. If all these were hand delivered letters they probably wouldn’t fit inside my house. Seeing all these emails is stressful, especially when the majority of them are unrelated to anything that I’m doing in life right now. Every time I have signed up for something either online or in a store my email address has been automatically added to their servers. Do you really need to see all the deals from Barnes & Noble, Petsmart, Staples, Sam’s, Costco, Express (don’t get me started), Amazon, emails from people you follow in the blogosphere etc.

There is so much content out there it is overwhelming and stressing us out subconsciously. Our minds are impressionable and there is absolutely no reason why you should be receiving hundreds of non-relevant promotional emails to your inbox every day. You have important work to do in the world and sifting through emails is not one of those things. There was a time I actually tried to manage my inbox and I even opened every single email because I hate to see the little red number on my inbox icon telling me how many “unread” emails I have. Do yourself a favor and unsubscribe from the whole lot. You will sleep better at night – really.

7 Insights

  1. If you have skipped checking emails from the same sender more than a dozen times, unsubscribe. I have been ignoring Petco, Express and dozens of other businesses, providers, and services – for years… Bye bye to all of them.
  2. Like the deals but hate the email updates, there’s an app for that. If you want a coupon or a deal from a store you can either get an app, like Michael’s, or you can go to their website directly before shopping to see what deals are happening now. Your inbox will thank you.
  3. Do you want an email freebie that comes from signing up with your email? I know there is a lot of great content out there but you don’t have to sit on everyone’s email list indefinitely. Got your “lose 5lbs in 5 days” ebook, or “how to be a badass entrepreneur in 5 easy steps” ebook. Great. If you read the content but find that you’re not interested in more, unsubscribe from their email list.
  4. Major Retailers don’t need to be emailing you. Ask yourself how often do you actually shop there? Not a lot, unsubscribe. A lot? Unsubscribe and get their loyalty rewards card, instead. I mean, do you really need to know everything that is happening at Panera? Just enjoy their great Quinoa bowls and salads.
  5. Did you sign up for some one time deal, promotion, coupon etc. and now you’re getting dozens of irrelevant updates? A yoga studio for a one time class you went to while traveling?  Unsubscribe immediately after you receive the service.  If you ever need their services again you can always re-subscribe.
  6. I love online conferences, workshops, PDF’s etc. But after consuming the content you will likely continue to get promotional emails from them. If it was a one time deal, and you don’t use their information regularly or it’s not part of your business, personal development or continuing education, unsubscribe from their list. You can always find relevant information in the moment that it is needed by doing a Google search.
  7. If you’re feeling anxious or some withdrawal symptoms don’t fret. We live in the information age and there is no foreseeable shortage of content or sales. You won’t be missing out on anything. Instead, gently bring your focus back to what is actually important in your work and personal life. Real, heart to heart, authentic connections with people not products.

SISTERHOOD | Top 3 Reasons To MasterMind

top 3 reasons to mastermindwe are social creatures…

You don’t have to be a hemp loving hippie with flowing carefree hair (on your legs) to benefit from bonding with your fellow sisters in an intimate circle. I image our female ancestors gathered around bonfires on moonlit evenings, while chanting, singing and dancing and some of us have traded that for one to one business meetings in power suits. Now, more than ever, women are stepping into their power and creating successful careers and businesses but they are often doing it alone.

Imagine being part of an inspired cooperative of women fire-starters, passionate about life and business, who support each other in an open, loving and authentic space. This kind of group sets goals, instills accountability, celebrates successes while collectively brainstorming and supporting its members to make breakthroughs in business & life.  Here are 3 reasons to start or join your own Heart Centered Mastermind Group.

1| Community.

Showing up to weekly or monthly meetings with your group creates a feeling of community, support and accountability. It is a safe space to share yourself in order to receive healthy feedback about personal and business struggles and challenges. Have you ever felt alone, stressed or overwhelmed with your work? I know I have. When you are allowed to speak from your heart about the things that are both working and not working and ask for help you can create quicker breakthroughs in your business. I have personally gained much benefit by being part of such a group for the last two years.

2| Feedback.

I don’t like the phrase “constructive criticism.” Why? Because it still has the heavy connotation of the word criticism attached to it. Who likes to be “criticized” constructively? It still feels – well, judgmental. How about “healthy” feedback? Healthy feedback is about commenting on the things that worked well and the things you feel could work more effectively.

When we share our opinions and ideas it is immensely useful to hear what was great about them and what things might warrant more attention. This is a more loving way to communicate. PS. Always start your feedback with affirmative things you liked about what the person said and their strongest points. Business Coach, Marilyn Suttle says,

“Be authentic in your affirmations. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it. When you show authentic appreciation it rings true and uplifts the whole group.”

3| Expression.

As women we tend to edit out our feelings and emotions so that what we say is “professional”. But we are emotional, spiritual AND mental beings, and honoring the part of us that authentically communicates how we feel is a strength, not a weakness. Brene Brown, the author of Daring Greatly very brilliantly said, “vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change,” the hallmark values of a great life & business.


Are you part of a Mastermind, Sisterhood or other collective. Please share your favorite groups and what inspires you about your community. I would love to hear your story.

July 11 – 17, 2016 Lifestyle Report

Weekly Lifestyle Report

When I first started on my self-help & spiritual journey over a decade ago, the question I kept asking was how can I learn to love myself fully as I am and accept all my perceived flaws and imperfections? I am still asking that question. What I have learned is that self-care and self-love are linked. The more I started to acknowledge my thoughts & emotions, stick to my boundaries, eat healthier, wear clothes that inspired me, write, and make take time for yoga I noticed that I genuinely began to like and accept myself more. Then, the more I liked myself in all my beauty & not-so-beauty-ness the more self-care practice time was taking place on a daily basis. The more you do of one, the more it supports the other, and vice versa. Read more in the Report & for this weeks lifestyle tips.


3 ways to increase work/life productivity: & a FREE worksheet

3 ways to increase work life productivity

Do you have a yoga mat in your life or a meditation audio but you still haven’t made use of it? Do you often daydream about finally making it to a yoga class, or even just getting some time to yourself amidst your busy work and life? Do you read personal development or spiritual books but never have the time to practice what you learn?

No matter what profession you are in you are probably constantly busy. I think that we are rounding the corner on the information age and instead are living in the busyness age – constantly being bombarded by millions of pieces of data, thoughts, energy, demands and emotions.

We long to be more balanced, productive, and effective while loving life in the process.

Is this possible? No, of course not. Not unless you find the time and energy to put in place some systems. Your non-negotiables. I heard this term from Gabby Bernstein and loved its authentic authority. Non-negotiable’s are final, unwavering, and wholly yours. They are a powerful way to create healthy boundaries to keep you grounded in a fast paced world. {Click to tweet if you’re feeling this message.}

You go to work, pay your bills, socialize etc. you wouldn’t fathom taking off a couple days off work just because you “don’t feel like going” or “you’d rather do something else,” or “you’re too tired.” Well, your self-care non-negotiables should be the same way.

You must decide on the things that revitalize your mind, body and spirit and you must commit to doing those things on a weekly and then daily basis – no matter what. I mean, it has to be as important as eating, breathing and showering – but not necessarily in that order 🙂 Otherwise you will continue to belong to the category of people who wish they were healthier and happier, instead of being healthy and happy now. Although, wishing while not having is also perfectly acceptable.  

Here are some baby steps and ideas to get you going.

1| Roll out your yoga mat.

This could be literally or not so much. What matters is that you make use of what you already have. Yoga mat, floor, chair, bathroom, jeans, skirt – and I don’t care if it’s only 2 minutes. Grab your mat from the corner of the room and sit on it. Extend your legs. Exhale gently as you reach forward over your legs. Now, just breathe. Let your mind do what it does. If you don’t have a yoga mat. No worries. Push back your chair, plant your feet firmly on the ground and reach your arms up into the air and stretch yourself. That’s all it takes. Really. I added an alarm on my phone at 10 am and at 1pm to do this. This gets your blood moving and the more you move your body the more the blood flows. Blood is the elixir of life, it carries vital oxygen to your tissues – your brain cannot function without oxygen. Which brings me to the next point.

2| Step outside.

After you day has started pop outside. This allows you to move your legs, which is especially great if you sit for long periods of time. Get the blood moving again. Then, once you are outside take a deep breath in, then back to work. Just that small break in your routine will be enough to get the blood pumping. Bonus if you take the stairs. If you’re at the type of job that doesn’t permit you to leave your desk, do this at your lunch break.

3| Disable your social media alerts.

Multi-tasking is a myth – especially with the enormous amount of information that is constantly hitting us straight in the face. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are focused when there are things constantly popping up on your phone, computer, tablet etc. We are inseparable from our tech and therefore intimately connected to the constant onslaught of information coming at us from all directions. You can’t really go deeply inward, focus or be productive if your attention is constantly being called away.

Adult Homework

Write down your 3 non negotiables

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self care non negotiables worksheet