Declutter and Simplify

Declutter & Simplify: Do This 1 Thing To Save Your Sanity

declutter and simplify

My email inbox has gotten out of control – it says I have 19,589 unread emails. If all these were hand delivered letters they probably wouldn’t fit inside my house. Seeing all these emails is stressful, especially when the majority of them are unrelated to anything that I’m doing in life right now. Every time I have signed up for something either online or in a store my email address has been automatically added to their servers. Do you really need to see all the deals from Barnes & Noble, Petsmart, Staples, Sam’s, Costco, Express (don’t get me started), Amazon, emails from people you follow in the blogosphere etc.

There is so much content out there it is overwhelming and stressing us out subconsciously. Our minds are impressionable and there is absolutely no reason why you should be receiving hundreds of non-relevant promotional emails to your inbox every day. You have important work to do in the world and sifting through emails is not one of those things. There was a time I actually tried to manage my inbox and I even opened every single email because I hate to see the little red number on my inbox icon telling me how many “unread” emails I have. Do yourself a favor and unsubscribe from the whole lot. You will sleep better at night – really.

7 Insights

  1. If you have skipped checking emails from the same sender more than a dozen times, unsubscribe. I have been ignoring Petco, Express and dozens of other businesses, providers, and services – for years… Bye bye to all of them.
  2. Like the deals but hate the email updates, there’s an app for that. If you want a coupon or a deal from a store you can either get an app, like Michael’s, or you can go to their website directly before shopping to see what deals are happening now. Your inbox will thank you.
  3. Do you want an email freebie that comes from signing up with your email? I know there is a lot of great content out there but you don’t have to sit on everyone’s email list indefinitely. Got your “lose 5lbs in 5 days” ebook, or “how to be a badass entrepreneur in 5 easy steps” ebook. Great. If you read the content but find that you’re not interested in more, unsubscribe from their email list.
  4. Major Retailers don’t need to be emailing you. Ask yourself how often do you actually shop there? Not a lot, unsubscribe. A lot? Unsubscribe and get their loyalty rewards card, instead. I mean, do you really need to know everything that is happening at Panera? Just enjoy their great Quinoa bowls and salads.
  5. Did you sign up for some one time deal, promotion, coupon etc. and now you’re getting dozens of irrelevant updates? A yoga studio for a one time class you went to while traveling?  Unsubscribe immediately after you receive the service.  If you ever need their services again you can always re-subscribe.
  6. I love online conferences, workshops, PDF’s etc. But after consuming the content you will likely continue to get promotional emails from them. If it was a one time deal, and you don’t use their information regularly or it’s not part of your business, personal development or continuing education, unsubscribe from their list. You can always find relevant information in the moment that it is needed by doing a Google search.
  7. If you’re feeling anxious or some withdrawal symptoms don’t fret. We live in the information age and there is no foreseeable shortage of content or sales. You won’t be missing out on anything. Instead, gently bring your focus back to what is actually important in your work and personal life. Real, heart to heart, authentic connections with people not products.