Ethics & Professional Development

This section includes information on four tasks that cover professional conduct, ethics, participation in academy board meetings/activities and creating a professional development plan that will be maintained throughout the dietetic internship. Each section describes actions taken and how requirements were met.

The full checklist with supporting evidence can be found HERE.

Professional Development Plan

As part of my professional development I am a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Additionally, all future dietetics professionals are required to maintain their credentials by participating in continuing education opportunities. Part of this practice is developing professional development goals and the activities that will fulfill them.

My professional goals include:

  1. To work within personal and professional limitations and abilities while serving a wide audience
  2. Apply customer-centered principles in practice to meet the needs of a diverse audience
  3. Utilize appropriate communication methods and skills to meet the needs of various audiences.

The Professional Development Plan Activity Log includes examples of how these goals were met during my community rotation.