Human Resources

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Human resources are one of the most important aspects of any company, but especially in food service to ensure adequate and safe food production to meet the hospitals needs. Employees should be carefully selected, well trained, developed and supervised to maintain acceptable labor costs while also producing hight quality services. Human resources includes everything from developing job descriptions, hiring, disciplinary action, labor productivity, employee reviews, staffing and training. This module includes a review of policy and procedure manual, human resources outline, employee orientation information and employee evaluation information.

The module checklist and supporting evidence is below.

Policy & Procedure Manual

This facility contains all of their policies and procedure manuals in computerized formats, which are available for printing on demand. The food service department has a printed copy of their disaster plan, the dietary manual, the department competency and education manual, and nutrition policies manual. Job Descriptions and Performance Appraisals can all be found through their online portal system. Additionally, during student orientation we read over and signed off on hospital policies and procedures  that detailed what to do during different code alerts, which can be found below in the employee orientation section.

Human Resources Outline

The human resources outline answers questions about recruitment, jobs description, performance appraisals, grievance process, employees’ personal actions, and professional training. The full human resources outline contains all the relevant information about the employee evaluation process.

Employee Evaluation

Employee evaluations are done by mangers and supervisors as needed. We were able to witness one employee evaluation. This meeting was very brief and succinct. The manager asked the employee about their work, let them know what was observed, and then reiterated job expectations, policies and procedures for their position. The employee listened and affirmed their understanding. There was no disciplinary action taken. The whole process took less than 10 minutes and the employee was able to resume their work.

Employee Orientation

All employees who are hired at this medical center must undergo a two day orientation process, one day at the main hospital and one day at the Pocono location. The employee must also read their job description and sign off on it to signify that they understand their responsibilities an job related tasks. They also receive the appropriate badges, parking privileges and login credentials as needed for their job as well as a tour of their department. Then their department manager provides further resources and education relevant to their specific role. As dietetic interns we underwent a virtual orientation and paperwork process that did not include the full two day orientation required for hospital staff.