Legislative & Public Policy

Module Overview

This module has two sections; a completed legislative survey and letters to my representatives. The legislative survey contains my local, state and national representatives as well as two current nutrition related bills in the House of Representatives and their status. Also, as part of my professional organization participation I was able to reach out via email to three of my representatives about three acts. I asked my representatives to support and/or co-sponsor the three acts and I received responses from Matthew Cartwright and Sentaor Robert Casey.

I appreciated receiving the responses from my representatives. Senator Casey is part of the finance committee and assured me he would support Preventing Diabetes in Medicare act if it comes up in committee and he would keep my views in mind for the Preventive Health Savings Act. Senator Cartwright would keep me in mind about the Preventive Health Savings Act and Preventing Diabetes in Medicare act but I did not get his outright support, even though according to his letter 1 in 3 Medicare dollars are being spent on diabetes care.

Overall, I believe that writing these types of letters is helpful, especially if many dietitians across the country do the same thing. There is strength in numbers and it is important to be top of mind on nutrition issues and let the government know about our views to continue making improvements in dietetics and how we deliver care and how we are compensated for our work.

The full module, including the legislative survey, letters and the responses I received can be found here.