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ShopRite at Daleville is a grocery store under Wakefern Co, and has a dietitian on staff, who is responsible for community nutrition education and outreach. This ShopRite has a prepared foods cafe that includes a salad bar, hot bar, and Asian food bar, and they also have a bakery and pharmacy.

The ShopRite virtual tour describes this rotation in more detail.

ShopRite Virtual Tour


Retail Dietetics at ShopRite

Retail Dietetics at ShopRite allows customers access to private nutrition consultations as well as in store cooking classes and weekly in-store nutrition education through product sampling. Customers also have access to peer support groups such as the monthly Diabetes Support Group. The dietitian is responsible for nutrition education outreach and programming in store. The calendar below is an example of the programming lead by the dietitian, Katie Gallagher, RDN.

RD Routine

Our daily routine consisted of setting up for the daily activity and checking calorie and food tags in prepared foods. Then throughout the week we promoted healthy foods, said hello to customers in the store, prepared food samples, planned what recipes to showcase, developing nutrition materials, delivered nutrition education and attended managerial meetings. Some of the activities I participated in are outlined below.

Cooking Classes

The summer was jam-packed with weekly, fun cooking classes for kids where we made salsa, calzones, pretzels, pasta salads and so much more.

Here the kids are making sweet potato lasagna rollups.

Produce Pick

The produce pick of the week generally consisted of showcasing and sampling the produce pick of the week from the ShopRite Circular, either raw or in recipes.

Color Your Plate

I also designed a small health promotion project around one weekly produce pick featuring the fig, called the Color Your Plate With Rainbow Food, which included a bright display and a handout. Shoppers were encouraged to sample a fig and learn about the benefits of eating brightly colored fruits and vegetables.

Popcorn Merchandizing Contest

ShopRite was hosting a contest among their stores for a creative way to merchandize the ShopRite Wholesome Pantry Popcorn. We developed a Pop Quiz, sampled all the popcorn flavors, created props and shared information about the Wholesome Pantry line, which is free of over 100 different types of additives, artificial colors or flavors and preservatives. Our popcorn merchandizing set up can be seen below.