The Most Underutilized Resource In Health Right Now

underutilized resource in health

The trend in health and wellness is focused on giving you bite sized pieces of information to execute on your health and fitness goals, but you’re still overweight or challenged with how to incorporate healthy eating into your life. There is an influx of content on all fronts, and in the realm of food and exercising the stream of information is only getting longer and more confusing.


Why is that? Because there are literally millions of ways to be healthy and fit. Virtually any combination of healthy dinner, lunch and breakfast options, and exercise methodologies. Fitness gurus on Instagram showing us daily videos of endless variations of exercises that all look amazingly inspiring/easy (thank you) and food bloggers that make food look so incredible I want to spend all my time eating.


But here is the thing that is throwing us off. It’s simply not enough to watch a social media feed to get the result we see displayed by our favorite health and wellness professionals. Also, it’s not enough to buy their 6-week course, or 30-day challenge. I’m not suggesting that you don’t buy their products. I do. Frequently. But this brings me to the most underutilized resource in health right now.


People. People. People.

To get the results in your health and fitness status that you actually want, you need to hire a dietitian, nutritionist, and/or personal trainer.


You can’t do this entirely on your own. Unless you are part of a small subset of the population that loves to figure things out on their own, who will buy a 6-week fitness and lifestyle guide and it will be enough for them to execute what they read word for word. Most of us are not like that. We need help.


Why? Because we don’t know the science of nutrition and fitness since it’s not our job. Just like when you were in school and you weren’t sure what the heck you were reading in your science book, health and fitness is like that. It’s a hard science. One that has complex and multidimensional aspects to it that are not readily obvious and can’t be customized to your exact circumstances in a generic text. I would say that the health and fitness guides, programs, and challenges that are currently out there are more geared towards those with an intermediate understanding of themselves, and their health/fitness/nutrition status. They are not for beginners.


I repeat, they are not for beginners. If you’re in a place where you’ve reached your wits end about how you feel in your body, and it’s not enough for you to just read about something to execute it and keep yourself accountable, you must invest in your health by hiring a nutritionist and/or a personal trainer first to learn the basics.


The benefits of working with someone one on one is that you get to ask questions and get answers that are specific to your situation. Your age, body composition, work, life, emotions, motivations – in short, everything about you, determines what will work for you. The best way to get the results you want now is to work with someone that knows what they are doing.


Here is the thing. I couldn’t get to the level of health I wanted without help either. Then, I went to school for nutrition, and that still didn’t help me get healthier. Then, I joined a wellness community and got a trainer once per week. BOOM. Like magic, (except not really like that at all because it was hard work), I started to see real results. I had to wake up early to make my 6am workout time on Fridays!!!! It was so challenging but enormously gratifying. Then, after nearly 3 years of training with a professional I moved to a different state and while looking for another fitness community stopped working out with a trainer and my level of fitness went down a bit. However, all of the workouts, the advice, the proper techniques stuck with me and now I’m able to use all of those useful guides I bought online to stay on top of my fitness. Now, it’s enough to see the different exercises and recipes on Instagram and just do them on my own. But I had to learn the basics first.


My number one recommendation right now is to invest up front in a professional in either nutrition or fitness and start seeing them immediately. Not only will you have to shift your priorities towards health to make those meetings, you will be able to ask questions, and work at a pace that is appropriate for you. Cliché but I’m going to say it anyway. BECAUSE YOU’RE WORTH IT. You absolutely can get creative with your finances and time management and make this work. In this time of frenzied social media content you need someone’s time and attention to make sense of the different health and fitness information out there.